Solidarity in Lisbon with Peoples of Middle East

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) and the Movement for the Rights of the Palestinian People and for Peace in the Middle East (MPPM) held this Thursday, November 19, 2020, at Casa do Alentejo, in Lisbon, a public session dedicated to the theme “Middle East: Defence of Justice and Peace”.

There were speeches by Ilda Figueiredo, President of the CPPC National Directorate, Carlos Almeida, Vice-President of the MPPM National Directorate, José Goulão, journalist and member of the CPPC Presidency, and Nabil Abuznaid, Palestinian Ambassador to Portugal.

The situation in Palestine is inseparable from that of the entire Middle East, and this was reflected in the different interventions.

They focused the external interference and aggression, with special emphasis on the United States and its European allies, remembering their responsibility in the wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Lebanon, and also in Saudi Arabia's aggression against Yemen.

They warned against the warmongering escalation that seeks to lead to a confrontation with Iran and stressed the importance of international solidarity with all the peoples of the Middle East.

The visit of the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to the Israeli settlement of Psagot was condemned, but it was recalled that the settlement has been established in occupied Palestinian territory since 1981, therefore under several US administrations and numerous European governments that never sought to change the state of affairs.

The speakers emphasized the importance of the unity of the Palestinian people and defended their right to a free, sovereign, independent and viable State on the pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, in compliance with UN resolutions. They also demanded the release of the Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails, the end of the settlements and the right of return for refugees.

On behalf of CGTP-IN (General Confederation of Portuguese Workers), João Barreiros saluted the struggle of the Palestinian people and workers and reaffirmed its longstanding solidarity and the peoples' right to self-determination and peace.

On another level, thanks were given to Casa do Alentejo for its permanent availability to welcome the initiatives of CPPC and MPPM and an appeal was made for the solidarity of all to help this institution through this difficult period due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

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