Seventy prominent members of the Portuguese society subscribe appeal to the recognition of the State of Palestine as a full member of the United Nations

Responding to an initiative of the MPPM, seventy individuals, representing all sectors of Portuguese society, which include three Pessoa Awardees, signed an appeal in which is recommended to the Portuguese government "the adoption in all international forums, and in particular the Security Council and UN General Assembly, of a position favourable to the recognition of the Palestinian state in pre-1967 borders, including East Jerusalem, as a full member of the United Nations." The underwriters include university professors and researchers, members of European and Portuguese Parliament, mayors and city councillors, union leaders, artists, directors and actors, writers and poets and other professionals.
The paper reviews the 64 years that have elapsed since, in 1947, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution number 181 which established the principle of establishing two states, until today, in which only the state of Israel was formally established and accepted as a full member of the United Nations, and concludes: "In this context, the recognition of Palestine, in the pre-1967 borders, including East Jerusalem, as a full member of the United Nations, is a direct and legitimate result of the principles established since 1947 in the relevant UN resolutions. This decision does not preclude or compromise the necessary future bilateral regulation that will determine the internationally recognized borders design of the new state of Palestine. In this context, however, considering the threats to the viability of a resolution to this conflict, in a fair way and in accordance with international law, the full recognition of Palestine within the United Nations reflects a renewed commitment by the international community in implementing the principle of two states and presents itself, therefore, as a useful contribution to the achievement of its implementation. "
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