Palmela unanimously approves motion for the end of violence in Palestine

Palmela City Council unanimously approved, at its meeting on 15 March 2023, a motion "For an end to the escalation of violence in Palestine" in which it deliberated:

- To express its concern and repudiation in the face of the serious escalation of violence;

- To reiterate the urgency of enforcing the United Nations Resolutions, respect for International Law and Human Rights and an end to the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories by Israel;

- To express its solidarity with all those affected by the Arab-Israeli conflict and the strong desire for a path to Peace to be found and achieved.

The motion recalls that "After in late February, Israel and Palestine had pledged to work together to calm the situation, at a meeting held in neighbouring Jordan, the town of Huwara and several surrounding villages dawned in flames the following day in a massive attack by Israeli settlers that killed one person, injured around 350 and destroyed and looted three dozen homes and a hundred cars."

The Israeli army raid in Jenin, which resulted in nine deaths, the three Palestinian youths shot dead inside their car in Jabaa', and the three armed Palestinians killed after opening fire on Israeli soldiers near Nablus are next mentioned.

"The escalation of violence, which is self-feeding with actions and retaliation, comes at a time when Benjamin Netanyahu's government is facing strong internal contestation due to the proposed judicial reform," it is noted, warning that it "could open the door to the de facto annexation of the occupied Palestinian territories."

Referring to calls for restraint, notably from Volker Türk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Josep Borrell, the European Union's chief diplomat, the motion quotes António Guterres' statements before the Commission for the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People: "each new settlement is a further obstacle on the road to peace. All settlement activity is illegal under international law and must stop. At the same time, inciting violence creates a deadlock. Nothing justifies terrorism which must be rejected by all".

Palmela's current municipal executive is composed of four councillors elected by the Communist and Green Parties coalition, three by the Socialist Party, one by the Citizens' Movement for Palmela Municipality and one by the Social Democratic Party.

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