Palestinian activists received by CGTP-IN

A delegation of the General Confederation of Portuguesee Workers (CGTP-IN) received, on Tuesday 16 May, the two Palestinian activists who were in Portugal, at the invitation of the MPPM, in order to participate in a public act about the 75 years of the Nakba.

Salim Nazzal and Nisreen Lubbad, accompanied by Carlos Almeida, from the MPPM, were received by João Coelho and Diniz Lourenço, from the CGTP-IN.

In the meeting with CGTP-IN, those activists gave their testimony on the arbitrary way workers are treated at checkpoints by the Israeli occupation military. Humiliation, physical aggression and, in many cases, murder, are the daily routine of these men and women who are only looking for a way to support their families.

On the other hand, the CGTP-IN gave notice of the solidarity and defence actions of the Palestinian people that have been developed together with the MPPM and also of the information work that is given to the trade unions with the purpose of enlightening the workers and make them aware of the Palestinian cause.

Solidarity with the Palestinian workers and people was also reaffirmed.

Photo: CGTP-IN

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