Palestine present in concentration for peace in Porto

Hundreds of people filled yesterday, June 15, the Palestine Square, in Oporto, in response to the appeal launched by the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation "Stop the war! Give Peace a Chance", which was supported by more than 40 organizations, including the MPPM.

After a musical moment with Miro Couto, the young Joana Machado and Luis Afonso presented the initiative, followed by the interventions of Cristina Nogueira on behalf of USP/CGTP-IN and Ilda Figueiredo on behalf of CPPC.

As stated in the appeal, "it is urgent to stop the confrontation and war, whether in Palestine, Western Sahara, Syria, Yemen, Sudan or Ukraine, with the tragic consequences and serious dangers that they entail".

We must not let it be forgotten that the Palestinian people have been the victim of an aggression that has been ongoing for 75 years but which is covered up with an unbearable cloak of silence.

The initiatives will continue today and tomorrow in Coimbra, Faro, Funchal and Lisbon.

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