MPPM welcomes Egyptian people's heroic struggle for freedom and democracy and strongly disclaims the manoeuvre of repression of its legitimate demands

The National Directorate of MPPM - Portuguese Movement for the Rights of the Palestinian People and Peace in the Middle East - has been following with great attention the contestation that currently takes place in many countries of the Arab world against the dictatorial regimes in force there.
Consequence of decades of poverty, unemployment, successive increases in the cost of living, corruption, nepotism, disproportionate and unlawful enrichment of the ruling classes, oppression and repression carried out in obedience to the economic and political interests of Western powers, the events that take place now represent the desire of people for an authentic social justice, the exercise of fundamental freedoms and the establishment of democratic governments.
The popular discontent has been felt for long, with regular specific incidents, but the real revolution that erupted in Tunisia, and that led to the downfall of President Ben Ali, quickly spread to other Arab countries.
This movement has its highest expression in Egypt, for many years subjected to the interests of international imperialism. MPPM welcomes the determined and heroic struggle of the Egyptian people for freedom and democracy and forcefully repudiates violence launched by the repressive apparatus of Mubarak, with the connivance of the United States and European powers.
 The National Directorate of MPPM considers that peace in the Middle East is inseparable from the affirmation of democracy and respect for human rights in all countries of the region and, therefore, the uncompromising defence of the right of people to freely decide their destiny, free of external pressure or interference. In line with its mission to contribute to defending the rights of the Palestinian People and the existence of a climate of peace in the Middle East, MPPM expects that the claimed democratization of Egypt - that has been a valued ally of Israel - contributes to a rapid recognition of a viable independent and sovereign Palestinian state, in compliance with UN resolutions and, in consequence, contributes to creating a climate of peace and cooperation among all countries in the Middle East and within borders recognized and accepted internationally.
Given the repression of the legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian people and the ongoing manoeuvres promoted by the U.S. and major European powers, to demobilize the popular resistance and limit the scope of their just demands, MPPM appeals to public opinion in order to give voice to the feelings of solidarity of the Portuguese people. At the same time, appeals to the Portuguese organs of sovereignty, and particularly the Government, to assume a clear and unequivocal support for the manifestation of the Egyptian people and to condemn the repression of their legitimate aspirations.
Lisbon, February 6, 2011
The National Directorate of MPPM
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