MPPM salutes the 50th anniversary of the independence of Algeria

In the passage of the 50th anniversary of the independence of Algeria, MPPM sent the following message to His Excellency Ms. Fatiha Selmane, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria in Lisbon
Lisbon, July 5th, 2012
The Movement for the Rights of the Palestinian People and Peace in the Middle East (MPPM) is honored to salute and congratulate Your Excellency, the heroic Algerian people and its Sovereign institutions - of which your Excellency is the high representative - for the passage of so glorious date, the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of independence.
There were many decades of resistance and popular struggles in towns, cities and fields against foreign occupation and colonialism, to the sacrifice of the peaceful protesters at the colonialist massacre at Sétif on May 8, 1945, which paved the way for the uprising of 1 November and for the 8 years of the Great National Liberation War. This was victorious, in spite of the disproportion of forces, due to the growing popular participation - including the Algerian women heroines - until the proclamation of independence on 5 July 1962.
The democratic and revolutionary independence of Algeria at that time had a profound impact, first in the Algerian society, its standard of living, economy and culture. Then, on the Maghreb, Black Africa, Western Europe. The revolutionary national liberation movements of the then colonies of Portuguese fascism could significantly advance in their struggle. Portuguese antifascist and democratic forces benefited from the hospitality of the rulers and the people of Algeria.
Today, with capitalism in a long crisis with no end at sight, the international and regional situation is totally different. Major Western powers distort and falsify an "Arab Spring" that barely blossomed to be transformed into its opposite and lead to more wars of aggression in the Middle East and the neocolonial recovery of resources and strategic positions that had been lost for these powers
However what stands in Algeria - despite difficulties, disagreements, threats at borders, interference and ambitions of great powers - is the deep attachment of its people to the cause of independence, sovereignty, peace and social progress proclaimed on 5 July 1962.
Hoping that so just aspirations can be defended and meet progress, both with regard to the great common cause, the liberation of Palestine and the Peace in the Middle East, and the achievement by the Algerian people of a happy future, we salute with all respect, sincere friendship and highest consideration.
For the National Directorate of MPPM
Silas Cerqueira - Secretary for International Relations
Vítor Pinto - Coordinator of Executive Committee
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