MPPM with Roger Waters for Palestine

MPPM, in partnership with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition and in coordination with the organization of Roger Waters' European tour, promoted awareness raising actions on the Palestinian issue at the concerts held in Lisbon on 17 and 18 March.

On both days, MPPM had a table at the Altice Arena and eight activists distributed to the audience a total of four thousand leaflets of MPPM and the Freedom Flotilla Coalition.

The MPPM leaflet, entitled “For a Free, Independent and Sovereign Palestine”, evoked the Nakba, whose 75th anniversary is marked this year, summarised the situation in Palestine today and pointed ways forward in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition's leaflet, entitled “Freedom Flotilla Coalition will sail for the children of Gaza” informed that the FFC will sail this year in Europe, warning of the situation in Gaza, while preparing next year's sailing to the enclave. Describing the situation in Gaza as a result of the blockade, with particular severity for children, it also ends with an indication of how one can make a difference.

The initiative was very well received by the audience, who addressed numerous requests for information and words of encouragement to the MPPM activists. 

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