MPPM on the people's 25th of April for Portugal and Palestine

MPPM joined the April 25th celebration on Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon, where many thousands celebrated the freedom and rights re-acquired in 1974, but recalled that April is still not fully fulfilled.

As recalled in the call of the Promoting Committee, discrimination by gender, age, disability, ethnic origin and socio-economic deprivation persist, and it must be ensured that all Portuguese have access to pensions, retirement and decent wages, health, education, culture and housing.

It was also said that to comply with April is to contribute to the construction of a society where one can live with dignity, in a nature-friendly environment, where Peace, dialogue and cooperation between Nations and Peoples are a reality.

The MPPM was in the street to show its solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people for the right to live in peace and freedom in their homeland and was joined by comrades from Andalucía con Palestina who travelled expressly from Seville to participate in the 25th of April parade.

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