MPPM participates in Anti-Racist Struggle Day

As the Palestinian people are victims of the colonial occupation and the apartheid of the State of Israel, the MPPM cannot ignore the anti-racist struggles and therefore joined more than thirty organizations in a demonstration, this Saturday, June 10, in downtown Lisbon.

The concentration started at 11 am, near number 19 of Garrett Street, where 28 years ago Alcindo Monteiro was murdered. This was followed by the parade to Largo do Carmo, where the Call to action was read out and the signatory organisations announced.



On June 10, an action of struggle and homage to the victims of racism and xenophobia in Portugal will take place. The action will take place in Lisbon, in Rua Garrett, 19, at 11am and will be followed by a parade.

On this day, we will remember Alcindo Monteiro - who was brutally murdered - but also all those who on 10 June 1995 were attacked by a group of Nazi-fascists, as well as remember other victims of racism and xenophobia, namely Bruno Candé, Giovani Rodrigues, Wilson Neto, Ihor Homeniuk, António Pereira (Xuati), Elson Sanches (Kuku), Musso. Racism and xenophobia, as one of the intrinsic expressions of the nature of capitalism, is used as a weapon of domination, oppression and systematic violence in various social contexts.

Low salaries, the increase in the cost of living, problems in accessing housing, job insecurity, disinvestment in public services, particularly in health, education and public transport, which affect the generality of the Portuguese population, have a greater impact on black people, gypsies, immigrants and refugees, since, in addition to the problems identified, there are actions of discrimination and exclusion in confrontation with democratic values and principles and with the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic itself.

On this day, we demand our rights, we reaffirm that all people must have the right to a dignified life. The rights enshrined in our Constitution must be fulfilled.

The fight against racist and xenophobic ideas and practices, wherever they are manifested, is a fight of the people who face the consequences of racial discrimination, xenophobia and apartheid, but it is also a fight of all those who, in Portugal and in the world, fight for a more developed society, more fair, with more solidarity, against injustices, discriminations, inequalities and against war. The instigation and worsening of wars only leads to the loss of more human lives, to greater suffering and destruction and in no way contributes towards a path of solidarity and peace between peoples.

We believe that any and all changes will come from collective construction, from our organisation to raise social and political consciousness and from the struggle against all expressions of racism and xenophobia and forms of exploitation.

We therefore invite everyone to participate in this action, and through their action and intervention, to join this struggle, which is as urgent as it is necessary.

In this sense we reinforce the compliance with the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

25 April Forever! No more racism and fascism!

Action of struggle and tribute to the victims of racism and xenophobia in Portugal

10th June! Anti-racist day of struggle!

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