MPPM organizes International Seminar on the Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza

MPPM organized, in Lisbon, an International Seminar on the theme “The Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza and the Growing Dangers of Present Situation in the Palestinian Territories and in the Region”.
After the brutal aggression of Israel to Gaza, that sowed death and destruction, all peace loving persons, supporters of the solidarity among peoples, questioned themselves on possible ways of helping Palestinians, on the feasibility of ensuring their survival as a people, and on means to guarantee their right to an independent and peaceful future. This Seminar aimed at giving answers to those yearnings.
Chaired by Isabel Allegro Magalhães and Mário Ruivo, co-Presidents of MPPM, the Seminar had the following panel of speakers:
• Michael Kingsley, Executive Director of UNRWA, based in Gaza
• Pierre Galand, former Belgian Senator, president of the North-South Forum and of the Belgian Association and European Coordination for Palestine, based in Brussels
• Miguel Urbano Rodrigues, writer and journalist, having recently participated in the Beirut International Forum
• Francisco de Assis, University Professor and Member of the European Parliament
• Silas Cerqueira, Researcher in Political Science, Coordinator of MPPM
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