MPPM met with Parliamentary Friendship Group Portugal-Palestine

At the invitation of the respective president, MP Joana Mortágua, the MPPM met with the Parliamentary Friendship Group Portugal-Palestine (PFGP-P) last March 8th.

The MPPM was represented by its vice-president Carlos Almeida and by the members of the National Directorate Ana Mesquita, Teresa Palma Fernandes and Vítor Pinto.

The PFGP-P was represented by Joana Mortágua (Block of the Left), president; Ivan Gonçalves (Socialist Party) and Bruno Dias (Communist Party), vice-presidents; and Isabel Moreira (Socialist Party), Ana Isabel Santos (Socialist Party) and Rui Cruz (Social Democratic Party).

Carlos Almeida summarised MPPM's perspective on the current situation in Palestine and recalled that this year marks the 75th anniversary of the Nakba.

Joana Mortágua, Ivan Gonçalves and Bruno Dias said they were aware of the situation in Palestine and showed great commitment to solidarity with the Palestinian people. Rui Cruz also spoke.

Carlos Almeida suggested that the PFGP-P should mark the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, following the recommendation approved in the recent UN General Assembly, and should act towards the recognition of the State of Palestine, the interdiction of trade with illegal settlements and the control of the attribution of European funds to Israel.

The Parliamentary Friendship Group Portugal-Palestine, in the current legislature, was constituted by deliberation on 3 June 2022 and took office on 30 November of the same year. In addition to those present at the meeting, it includes MPs Carla Sousa, Jamila Madeira, Miguel Matos and Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, all from the Socialist Party.

MP Joana Mortágua offered the MPPM a porcelain tray from the collection "Flags flying from the Assembly of the Republic".

The MPPM gave each of the GPA members a copy of the new edition of the book "The Essentials on the Palestinian Question" and the "Analysis Report on the Situation in Palestine and the Middle East - 2018 - 2023".

Photos courtesy of the International Relations, Public Affairs and Protocol Directorate | International Relations and Cooperation Division of the Portuguese Parliament

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