MPPM condemns criminal Israeli military offensive against Gaza suffering population

Twenty-one dead and dozens injured is the possible balance of another Israeli military offensive against the suffering Palestinian population of Gaza. The sequence of bombings started last Friday has sown a trail of death and destruction in several villages and towns of the occupied region. Men, women or children, schools and other civilian infrastructure, nothing has been spared.
Although not surprising, the brutality of the Israeli army is even more striking since the current bombing campaign on the Palestinian population was triggered in a totally preposterous way and without anything warranted. In fact, it only raises the level of violence and oppression that marks the daily lives of the Palestinian people under Israeli continued occupation.
In the current context in the Middle East, with the exacerbation of internal conflicts and the proliferation of external interference and warmongering plans for new invasions, the Israeli military offensive seems geared to cause an escalation of international tensions, in an attempt to justify large-scale military action against other countries in the region.
Started a few days after the speech of President of the United States of America at the annual meeting of the Israeli lobby in the U.S. and continued in the middle of silence from European governments - including the Portuguese - the Israeli bombardment, pursued with total impunity, highlight once again the support and complicity of the major Western powers with the policy of the Government of Israel, with the prolongation of the occupation of Palestinian territories and plans to destroy the national existence of the Palestinian people.
The National Directorate of MPPM strongly condemns this criminal act of the Government of Israel and demands of the Portuguese Government a position of repudiation of this action, consistent with international law and constitutional principles.
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