Illustrators for Peace in Palestine: Collage in Coimbra

On Thursday 5 December, Portuguese and international illustrators took to the streets—for the first time in Coimbra some of them put up posters of their own—for the ceasefire in Gaza and for peace, in an action supported by MPPM, CPPC, CGTP-IN and Projecto Ruído – Youth Association.

The first collage consisted of a mural of posters on the wall next to the access stairs to the AAC gardens, after the corner of Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente (TAGV).  Another mural was put up in the Sá da Bandeira garden on a wall opposite the bus stops next to TAGV / Praça da República.  Other murals will be put up over the next few days.

Twenty-four illustrators contributed, and their work speaks for itself: Alexandra Ramires, Alexandre Esgaio, Ana Biscaia, André Pereira, André Ruivo, Arianna Vairo, Catarina Sobral, Eva Evita, Júlio Dolbeth, Mantraste, Mariana Rio, Marta Monteiro, Marta Nunes, Paul Hardman, Pedro Pousada, Rachel Caiano, Rebal Bueno, Ricardo Ladeira, Sebastião Peixoto, Susa Monteiro, Susana Matos, Teresa Carvalho, Tiago Guerreiro and Vladimiro Vale accepted the invitation and, with their work, expressed their anger about what happens daily in Palestine.  For illustration is also resistance.

This street art action will have a national dimension—it will take place in various cities across the country.  The idea is that people will be able to see an exhibition of illustrations on city walls that take the side of peace in Palestine.

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