Hundreds demonstrate in Lisbon against annexation of the West Bank

“No to annexation!” and “An end to Israel's crimes!” were the slogans that led three hundred people to gather today at Largo do Martim Moniz, in Lisbon, in a public event called by CGTP-IN (General Confederation of Portuguese Workers), CPPC (Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation) and MPPM and joined by other organizations.

The event began with Palestinian poetry spoken by actor Fernando Jorge Lopes, from Teatro Extremo (Almada).

This was followed by speeches by Beatriz Goulart (CPPC), João Barreiros (CGTP-IN) and Carlos Almeida (MPPM).

It was another day of solidarity with the people of Palestine, like others taking place around the world, demanding bold measures from governments against the annexationist project of Israel.

Photos: Paulo Oliveira

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