The cause of the Palestinian people loses in José Saramago an unconditional supporter

It is with deep regret that the National Movement for the Rights of the Palestinian People and Peace in the Middle East noted the death of José Saramago, Nobel Prize for Literature and President of the General Assembly of the MPPM.
José Saramago, outstanding personality  of Portuguese cultural life, a citizen of this land and this world, was a man totally committed to his time, especially to the struggle of men and peoples for the emancipation from all forms of exploitation and oppression. The drama of the Palestinian people, their national cause, their heroic struggle against the occupation and for freedom, had a voice in Jose Saramago, a voice committed, courageous and warmly sympathetic. The MPPM is proud to have counted in its activity, his unique and active contribution on behalf of a movement of solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian people stronger and more intervening.
In this sad hour, the MPPM expressed to the family of José Saramago, in particular to his partner, Pilar del Rio, its deepest condolences and reaffirms its willingness to honour the civic heritage of José Saramago, the struggle for the liberation of the Palestinian people , and a more just world of peace and cooperation.
I come from the Casa do Alentejo where I attended a meeting of solidarity with the Palestinian people's struggle for full sovereignty against the outrages and crimes for which Israel is responsible. I left there a suggestion that as of January 20, the date of the inauguration of Barack Obama, the White House is flooded with messages of support to the Palestinian people and that requires a quick resolution of the conflict. If Barack Obama wants to free his country from the ignominy of racism, do so also in Israel. For the past sixty years the Palestinian people are being coolly martyred with the tacit or active complicity of the international community. It is time to end this.
[Posted by Jose Saramago in his blog on November 19, 2008, at 1:13]
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