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[13 Mar 2012]


Twenty-one dead and dozens injured is the possible balance of another Israeli military offensive against the suffering Palestinian population of Gaza. The sequence of bombings started last Friday has sown a trail of death and destruction in several villages and towns of the occupied region. Men, women or children, schools and other civilian infrastructure, nothing has been spared.

Although not surprising, the brutality of the Israeli army is even more striking since the current bombing campaign on the Palestinian population was triggered in a totally preposterous way and without anything warranted. In fact, it only raises the level of violence and oppression that marks the daily lives of the Palestinian people under Israeli continued occupation.

In the current context in the Middle East, with the exacerbation of internal conflicts and the proliferation of external interference and warmongering plans for new invasions, the Israeli military offensive seems geared to cause an escalation of international tensions, in an attempt to justify large-scale military action against other countries in the region.

Started a few days after the speech of President of the United States of America at the annual meeting of the Israeli lobby in the U.S. and continued in the middle of silence from European governments - including the Portuguese - the Israeli bombardment, pursued with total impunity, highlight once again the support and complicity of the major Western powers with the policy of the Government of Israel, with the prolongation of the occupation of Palestinian territories and plans to destroy the national existence of the Palestinian people.

The National Directorate of MPPM strongly condemns this criminal act of the Government of Israel and demands of the Portuguese Government a position of repudiation of this action, consistent with international law and constitutional principles.

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[25 Feb 2012]


According to the Palestinian Information Centre, UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, said it will "cease its services in financial support to poor families in Gaza, its program of creating employment opportunities, the night medical services as well as halving all other health services that it ensures in Gaza."

The press agency InfoPal.it, connected to the solidarity movement with Palestine in Italy, reports that there are 106,000 refugees in Gaza considered "poor" that will no longer receive financial support and support in health and education. Food aid will be kept. According to the same source, "the reasons given by UNRWA place the responsibility for this decision on the European Union and, in general, on donor countries" because they are no longer delivering the amounts of donations required for the operation of these programs. The Department for the issues of refugees from Hamas Movement asked that the Commissioner-General of UNRWA, Italian Filippo Grandi, be removed from office, stating that "our experience with Grandi was that he was inefficient, even in his ability to obtain financing".

The UNRWA was established by Resolution 302 (IV) of the UN General Assembly in December 1949 to provide emergency assistance, health services and education to millions of Palestinian refugees after the creation of Israel. According to data from UNRWA there are now nearly five million Palestinian refugees in Jordan (2 million), Gaza (almost 1.2 million), West Bank (almost 850,000), Syria (almost 500,000) and Lebanon ( 450 000).

In the Gaza Strip, where a million and half Palestinians suffer a blockade continuously imposed by Israel for almost five years, and have not recovered from the tragic consequences of the operation "Cast Lead" unleashed by the Israeli army in winter 2008-2009, depending almost entirely on foreign aid for their survival, UNRWA is the main provider of humanitarian aid and the largest employer, having been responsible, in the first half of 2011, for 75.2% of employment in the private sector, which represents 8 9% of total employment.

The current UNRWA Commissioner-General was appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in January 2010, replacing the previous Commissioner-General, the american Karen AbuZayd.

A representative of UNRWA, the Executive Director Michael Kingsley, was in Portugal, in the Seminar "The Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza and the Growing Dangers of the Current Situation in the Palestinian Territories and the Region", organized by the MPPM in Lisbon on 14 February 2009, representing the then Commissioner-General Karen AbuZayd.

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[29 Nov 2011]


An initiative taken up

In 2011, the MPPM regained the initiative to organize a set of events, integrated in the Journeys of Solidarity with Palestine - 2011, around the date of November 29 proclaimed by the UN General Assembly as the International Day of Solidarity with the People of Palestine, recalling the time when, in 1947, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 181 (II) which recommended the partition of Palestine into two states - one Jewish and one Arab - with a special status for Jerusalem, but never satisfied in relation to the establishment of a Palestinian state. The Journeys of Solidarity with Palestine - 2011 adopted as its motto: "Freedom - Independence - Sovereignty."

The Land Speaks Arabic - I

The "Journeys" began on November 12 with the screening, at Algés Municipal Library, of the film "The Land Speaks Arabic", directed by Maryse Gargour in 2007. Julio de Magalhães (National Directorate of the MPPM) presented the movie and moderated the debate which followed the exhibition. In the end, were offered mint tea and cakes. This initiative had the support of the Municipality of Oeiras.

Living Today in Palestine

On November 19, at the Sociedade Filarmónica Amizade Visconde de Alcácer, in Alcacer do Sal, in a joint initiative with the Parish of Santa Maria do Castelo, was shown the film "A Letter to Sarah" (Mutaz Jankot, 2002) and there was a debate on the current situation in Palestine introduced by interventions from Ambassador Mufeed Shami, Carlos Almeida (National Directorate of the MPPM) and journalist Jose Manuel Rosendo.

The Palestinian Cultural Tradition

Also on November 19, at the Cooperativa Cultural Popular Barreirense in Barreiro, there was a reading session of Palestinian tales and poetry by Natalie Nunes and Lina Soares, who also sang Arabic songs with musical accompaniment by Luis Reis. It was also shown a film with Palestinian folk dances. The presentation was given by Júlio de Magalhães.

The Flavours of Palestine

The usual dinner with typical dishes of Palestine took place on November 25, at the headquarters of Grupo Sportivo Adicense, a joint initiative of the MPPM, the Diplomatic Mission of Palestine and that association. The Mozarabic Ensemble, integrating Baltazar Ramos and Eduardo Molina, played Arabic music. Ambassador Mufeed Shami and Júlio de Magalhães made brief speeches. Members of diplomatic missions of Arab countries attended the dinner.

The Land Speaks Arabic - II

The movie "The Land Speaks Arabic" (Maryse Gargour, 2007) was shown again on November 26 in the Auditório do Centro de Exposições de Odivelas, an event that had the support of the Municipality of Odivelas. Carlos Almeida (National Directorate of the MPPM) presented the movie and moderated the debate which followed the exhibition. Mint tea and cakes were offered to all attending.

Solidarity with Palestine

The "Journeys" ended on 29 November with a Public Session Commemorating the International Day of Solidarity with the People of Palestine held at the Casa do Alentejo in Lisbon. With the presence of many dozens of people and diplomatic representatives of Arab countries, Carlos Almeida (DN - MPPM) moderated the session at which intervened Ambassador Mufeed Shami, Isabel Allegro Magalhães (former co-chairman of the MPPM), Silas Cerqueira (DN - MPPM) and the archaeologist Claudio Torres.

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