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[28 Jun 2011]


Students of Performance Arts Professional Course of the Passos Manuel Secondary School presented on 18 and 19 June at the Theatre "A Barraca", "Seven Jewish Children - A play for Gaza", by Caryl Churchill.

It all started over a year ago - in March 8, 2010 - when, following an invitation from Maria Eugenia Vaz, Professor of History of the 12th year of the course on Languages ​​and Humanities, and from Teresa Palma Fernandes , of the National Directorate of MPPM, Nuno Coelho, graduated in Communication Design and Graphic Art and co-author, with Adam Kershaw, of the book "A Land Without People To People Without Land", presented at the school his "workshop" in which he conveyed his experience of three weeks in the West Bank where he realized how the Arab-Israeli conflict affected the daily lives of Palestinians and where he developed work with Palestinian children, in the field of arts, and observed and lived the day-to-day reality who he found that, sometimes was very shocking.

The interest aroused by that intervention led to a new invitation to MPPM to return to Passos Manuel. It happened in the last 28th of January, in which Carlos Almeida and Teresa Palma Fernandes, of the National Directorate of MPPM, conducted a meeting with students with a presentation on the rationale and historical development of the national cause of the Palestinian people. This time, besides the students of History of the 12th year of Professor Maria Eugenia Vaz, also attended the students of Performing Arts of Professors Fernando Rebelo and João Cabral.

This intervention was included in the curricular activities of their respective disciplines: in the discipline of History are being treated "geostrategic changes, political tensions and socio-cultural transformations in the world today: the permanence of hotbeds of tension in peripheral regions - The Middle East and the Israeli -Palestine ", while in the discipline of performance it was decided to develop a work on the play" Seven Jewish Children ", written by Caryl Churchill, a British activist for the rights of the Palestinian people. For the same audience, Nuno Coelho presented on February 18, his workshop.

The work of students in the E class of the 10th year of performing arts culminated on June 1, 2011, with the presentation in the theater of the Liceu Passos Manuel, of the play "Seven Jewish Children"." Maria do Céu Guerra was in the audience and, given the quality of the work, invited the young actors to present their play in Theatre "A Barraca", which was brought about, with notable success, on 18 and 19 June.

Presented for the first time in Portugal by the Company "Escola de Mulheres", steged by Fernanda Lapa, "Seven Jewish Children" is a play for Gaza, in the words of the author, the English Caryl Churchill. It speaks of a subject that remains, unfortunately, very present today: the conflict between Israel and  Palestine. It is the story of Israel from the Holocaust to the attack on the Gaza Strip.

In this presentation by students of ES Passos Manuel, the play was staged by Fernando Rebelo and João Cabral;  graphics by Manuel Almeida e Sousa, and interpretation of Anna Escobar, Catarina Santos, Daniela Soares, Danielly Souza, Fátima Vieira, Inês Pereira, Jéssica Freire Jéssica Tavares, Joana Machado, Márcia Oliveira, Melissa Pereira Natasha Pereira, Patrícia Guedes, Patrícia Santos, Rafael Tavares, Raquel Silva, Ricardo Oliveira, Sofia Silva, Soraia Iglésias, Tiago Ponte, Tomás Sozinho, Vanessa Góis and Vanessa Rego.

More information about the activity of the course: http://passosdramaticos.wordpress.com
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