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[31 Jan 2011]


Continuing a relationship begun in March 2010 with the workshop led by Nuno Coelho, co-author of "A Land without People for People without Land", the MPPM returned to the Passos Manuel Secondary School. On 28 January, Carlos Almeida and Teresa Palma Fernandes, of the National Directorate of MPPM streamlined a meeting with students of that school with a presentation on the rationale and historical development of the national cause of the Palestinian people.

This meeting was held in response to an invitation from Dr. Maria Eugenia Vaz, who teaches the discipline of History in a class of the 12th year of scientific-humanistic courses - Languages ​​and Humanities, and Dr. Fernando Rebelo and João Cabral who teach the discipline of Performance in the Professional Course of Performing Arts, and was part of curricular activity in the respective disciplines. In the discipline of History are being studied "geostrategic changes, political tensions and socio-cultural transformations in the world today: stay outbreaks of tension in border regions - the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian question ", while in the discipline of Performance will be developed a work on the play "Seven Jewish Children ", written by Caryl Churchill, a British activist for the rights of the people Palestinian.

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