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[22 Apr 2011]


The MPPM has joined the international campaign "Freedom for Palestine" which aims to collect one million signatures calling for a boycott to products from Israeli settlements. The campaign has its foundation in Community law which provides that a petition signed by one million European citizens should be voted down by European Parliament.

It is intended that the European Parliament approves legislation that would prevent the European Union countries, as sovereign states, as well as economic institutions, companies and individuals of the European Union, to maintain relations with the Israeli settlements and negotiate with them any products or services, regardless of its nature, which have been produced in whole or in part, in these settlements.

This appeal is based on the fact that these settlements, being built in occupied Palestinian territories, are illegal and contrary to international law. Therefore, whatever is produced or supplied from these settlements is illegal, as it comes from usurped Palestinian territory.

This campaign is an important step towards ending the occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel, leading to recognition of an independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty with Jerusalem as its capital, in the territories occupied by Israel in 1967, in accordance with international resolutions.

The MPPM urges all Portuguese sympathetic to the just cause of the Palestinian people to sign and collect signatures for this petition.

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