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[29 Aug 2009]


Employed with fellow workers at a quarry

…I get them bread, garments and books from the rocks

…I do not supplicate charity at your doors

…My roots were entrenched before the birth of time

And before the opening of the eras

…I have a name without a title!


These verses from Mahmud Darwich’s poem “Identity Card” inspired artist Silvestre Raposo who carved them in stone as part of a sculpture / artistic installation he named “Palestine, for Peace, for a State” which was now inaugurated in the city of Vidgueira, in the southern province of Alentejo.

The ceremony was presided over by the Mayor of Vidigueira, Manuel Narra, and was attended, among others, by the General Delegate of Palestine, Ambassador Randa Nabulsi, and by a representative of MPPM, Jorge Melício.

The work is composed of 8 pieces, each representing one stage in the struggle of the Palestinian people: destruction, union, purification, enlightenment, peace, separation, wisdom, hope.

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