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[10 Jul 2009]


The General Assembly of MPPM, convened on the 10th of July, approved the Activity Report (2008-2009), discussed the present situation in Palestine and the Middle East and approved the Action Plan for 2009-2010.

The Action Plan develops along four vectors:

1. Strengthening the Movement: (i) at the internal organizational level; (ii) at national level, by increasing membership and widening geographical coverage; (iii) at international level, by developing a wider cooperation with international and Palestinian organizations.

2. Political Action, with the development of campaigns on: (i) Support of BDS movement; (ii) Against Sharon Wall; (iii) Against house demolition; (iv) Against settlements expansion; (v) For the right of return for the refugees; (vi) Denunciation of political arrests and assassinations; (vii) Denunciation of Israel war crimes; (viii) Support of Israeli organizations struggling for peace.

3. Cultural Actions, with activities such as: (i) Week of Palestine, around the International Day of Solidarity with Palestine, with cultural and political activities; (ii) School Contest, addressed to 5th to 9th graders, under the theme “Peace for Palestine”; (iii) Palestinian Cinema Festival; (iv) other activities to promote the divulgation of Palestinian culture.

4. Solidarity Actions, the following being suggested: (i) Promote the germination between Palestinian and Portuguese cities; (ii) Promote the cultural exchange between Portuguese and Palestinian students.

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